South coast saltwater circuit

The South Coast Saltwater Circuit was launched in an effort to showcase the sport of saltwater fishing, positively impact the local economy of Diani and continuously improve our tournaments around a competition circuit. It is our mission to use our tournaments and our platforms to create a world-class experience for anglers both local and international, corporate sponsors, families, followers, volunteers and club members.


The South Coast Saltwater Circuit is designed to encourage fellow fishermen and their teams to participate in friendly and professional competition based around a championship league circuit that offers local, competitive fishing teams the opportunity to compete over the course of seven (7) events, amassing points and one grand final. The competing teams will fish against each other to earn exciting fishing-oriented prizes, an annual trophy and the annual title of “Best of the Best” on the South Coast of Kenya.

Teams will consist of no more the (4) four anglers per boat or the total K.M.A permitted occupancy not exceeding four.

The South Coast Saltwater Circuit league events are as follows:


  • August – 27th & 28th – South Coast Saltwater Circuit
  • September – 24th & 25th – Hans Strydom Memorial Cup
  • October – 8th & 9th – Kingfish, Dorado & Wahoo Roundup
  • November – 19th & 20th – South Coast Saltwater Circuit
  • December – 10th & 11th – Independence Day Marlin Cup
  • January 3rd & 4th 2023 – Diani Samaki Classic
  • February – 11th & 12th 2023 – South Coast Saltwater Circuit
  • March – 25th & 26th 2023 – Marlin Cup Grand slam

To receive points in the South Coast Saltwater Circuit and qualify for the jackpot prizes, teams will have to fish all eight events. Each event will amass “fish points” that will give an overall placement per circuit event, results will go towards the final points total following all 8 legs.

In the event of a tie, overall “fish points” will be considered, and the higher standing will be given to the team with the highest number of “fish points” and their earliest catch times.

Each event will have its own rules and operate independently as they always have.

NB: Base rules will apply to each event within the South Coast Saltwater Circuit.


Member No Boat Name Capt. Name Leg 1 Leg 2 Leg 3 Leg 4 Leg 5 Leg 6 Leg 7 Final Total


Each leg will be scored on a “fish caught” scoring method and circuit points will be awarded according to the ranking position after each leg.


  • 1st place = 10 points
  • 2nd place = 7 points
  • 3rd place = 5 points
  • 4th place = 3 points
  • 5th place = 2 points
  • 6th place (+) = 1 point


In order to enter, teams will have to pay a total entry fee of Kshs 80,000 per team, this covers entry into all eight events and entitle them to compete in all eight legs without further payment. Teams that enter will be given the link to an open enrollment that will begin on the 27th June 2022 at 10am.

The deadline to sign up will be when the registration deadline for the first Qualifying event which will close, on the 26th August 2022.


To participate in the South Coast Saltwater Circuit and to stand a chance of winning the overall jackpot, the 10, 15 or 20 teams must pay the required entry fee of Kshs 80,000 for Club Members and Kshs 110,000 for non club members (including corporate membership for 4). All teams participating will compete for a percentage at the end of the final, “Marlin Cup Grand Slam”, in April of 2023. There will be a trophy award ceremony at the end of the Marlin Cup Grand Slam and small prizes and trophies will be awarded at each independent circuit competition.

Entry requirements.

  • A team shall consist of no more than four (4) anglers.

The entry fee covers attendance to

    • all planned entertainment and social activities for the four (4) registered anglers.
    • angler welcome pack.
    • Prizes.
    • awards.
  • Only registered anglers, captains and crew will be allowed to fish in the South Coast Saltwater Circuit. (The competition committee reserves the right to place an observer on any vessel).
  • Registered anglers must be registered prior to the Captains and Anglers briefing:
    • Leg 1 – Friday 26th August 2022 @ 18:00
    • Leg 2 – Friday 23rd September 2022 @ 18:00
    • Leg 3 – Friday 7th October 2022 @ 18:00
    • Leg 4 – Friday 18th November 2022 @ 18:00
    • Leg 5 – Friday 9th December 2022 @ 18:00
    • Leg 6 – Monday 2nd January 2023 @18:00.
    • Leg 7 – Friday 10th February 2023 @ 18:00
    • Leg 8 – Friday 24th March 2023 @ 18:00
  • Teams are not allowed to replace registered team members submitted to the competition organising committee, should a member of the team “drop out” then the team is permitted to continue the competition less the withdrawn member.

Team Registration & Team Photos

  • Participating teams must register and pay the entry fees by no later than 18:00 on the dates listed above.
  • Failure to register by 18:00 with result in the exclusion of the participating boat and team members.
  • All registered participants must check in at competition registration headquarters based in Safari Beach Hotel, Diani on the dates listed above, each team shall receive:
    • angler welcome bag.
    • take their team photograph.
  • The registration check-in location will be at the Diani Fishing Club clubhouse from 09:00 until 18:00 on the dates listed above.
  • All registered participants will receive an angler welcome bag at the registration check-in and have their team photo taken.
  • Any team failing to check in at that time must inform the Competition Committee prior to the registration date.

Rules Briefing, Captains & Anglers dinner

  • The competition rules and captains and anglers briefing will be held from 18:00 to 19:00 on the dates listed above, at the Diani Sport Fishing Club clubhouse, Safari Beach hotel, Diani.
  • All registered anglers MUST attend in person or have a nominated representative that must sign on their behalf that they will abide by the rules published at the briefing.
  • If anglers/teams and captains do not attend, they accept and agree that they are bound by all instructions and/or rule changes made orally or in writing during the briefing.

Sweepstake & Boat Auction

The sweepstake & boat auction will be held from 19:00 to 20:00 on the dates listed above, at the Diani Sport Fishing Club clubhouse bar.

  • Sweepstake tickets will be on sale from 2 weeks prior to the start of the competition.
  • All auction money must be paid in cash or via Mpesa immediately at the close of the auction.
  • Auction “pay-out” will only be based on money received.


  • The South Coast Saltwater Circuit will be run in accordance with IGFA rules.
  • The competitions are all TWO (2) day events.
  • A “team” shall consist of no more than FOUR (4) ANGLERS, JUNIORS INCLUDED

(Teams are not limited to one (1) junior per team).

  • All team members must be nominated prior to the Captains & Anglers briefing on the dates listed above and may not be changed.
  • If a team angler drops out, the boat may continue to fish with one less angler.
  • Only registered anglers may strike, fight and land a fish.
  • The maximum number of lines allowed in the water at any time is eight (8).
  • A team representative from each participating team must report to the competition headquarters with the boat’s catch no later than 45 minutes after their arrival the end of the designated finish time each day.
  • The penalty for lateness shall be loss of points for the day. The same rule shall apply for either day until the closure of the competition.
  • All boats must keep at least 500m clear from another boat that is fighting a fish.
  • Boats must report a hook up of any billfish without exception.
  • If anglers/teams and captains do not attend, they accept and agree that they are bound by all instructions and/or rule changes made orally or in writing during the briefing.
  • The maximum number of people on each boat must not exceed the number licenced by Kenya Maritime Authority.
  • The competition committee reserve the right to postpone or cancel the competition in the event of inclement weather or dangerous sea conditions.
  • Mutilated fish shall not be allowed.
  • In the event of a tie due to a tagged or released fish, the higher placing will be given to the team that reported the successful release of a billfish earliest.

Fishing Days/Times

  • All boats fishing in the competition must depart from the designated starting point outside the Baobab mlango without exception.
  • The start and stop signal shall be announced over the radio.
  • Do not start fishing until competition officials declare “lines in” on the radio.
  • All billfish must be hooked and called in to competition radio control prior to the time of the “lines out” signal each day.
  • If, in the event a fish is still hooked up at the call of “lines out”, the angler may keep fighting the fish up to one (1) hour after “lines out” is called or it is released, boated, or lost within that time frame.
  • The Competition fishing days are:
    • Leg 1 – 27th & 28th August 2022
    • Leg 2 – 24th & 25th September 2022
    • Leg 3 – 8th & 9th October 2022
    • Leg 4 – 19th & 20th November 2022
    • Leg 5 – 10th & 11th December 2022
    • Leg 6 – 3rd & 4th January 2023
    • Leg 7 – 11th & 12th February 2023
    • Leg 8 – 25th & 26th March 2023
  • The fishing hours are.
    • 06:30 Lines in. (1st & 2nd day)
    • 16:00 Lines Out (1st day).
    • 15:30 Lines Out (2nd day).
  • All boats must be inside the Baobab mlango by.
    • 16:30 (1st day).
    • 16:00 (2nd day).



Any blue marlin, black marlin, striped marlin, sailfish, or broadbill released in accordance with the competition rules shall be awarded the following points:

Teams must report all tagged and released billfish with their assigned team name, angler name, time, boat name and fish species that will be registered for scoring points and take an appropriate date stamped photograph and/or video of them once they are alongside the boat.











Striped Marlin


Striped Marlin


Black Marlin


Black Marlin


Blue Marlin


Blue Marlin






Shortbill Spearfish


Shortbill Spearfish


Game Fish:

Points will be awarded on the basis set below for any game fish that exceeds the minimum weight limit in the following categories:




Under 10


10 – 15


15.1 – 20


20.1 – 30


Over 30














First released Marlin of each day


Second released Marlin of each day


Third released Marlin of each day


Two or more billfish released each day


100 penalty points will apply to any dead billfish.

Competition Release Rules

  • All teams must provide their own equipment to film and/or photograph catches to verify releases with the competition committee.
  • The competition committee shall trial throughout the South Coast Saltwater Circuit and reserves the right to place on each entrant a dash cam that shall be fitted and sealed by the competition committee each day.
  • The dash-cam, if fitted, shall be presented to the weigh-master at the end of each day, still sealed, and the footage shall be reviewed against the submitted South Coast Saltwater Circuit scorecard for points verification.
  • The dash-cam shall then be resealed and handed back to the designated team member.
  • It is the responsibility of the designated team member to ensure the dashcam is fitted and correctly working each day to ensure that footage is captured.
  • In the event of no footage due to operator error disqualification of the day’s points will occur.
  • In the event of a malfunction of the dashcam, the competition committee shall verify the malfunction and if it is found to be an error with the dashcam photographic evidence will be accepted of the fish and release and allocation of points for the day.
  • All equipment should be synchronized to the official competition time and checked in by the competition committee.
  • To score an official release, the video and/or photograph must include sufficient evidence to clearly identify the species.
    • identify the time and date of the catch.
    • show the catch and full release of the fish and a healthy fish swimming away.
  • The video and/or photograph must identify all the above elements.
  • After the release the official time, species and angler name must be entered on the South Coast Saltwater Circuit Classic scorecard.
  • Each registered angler and boat captain must sign the South Coast Saltwater Circuit scorecard prior to submission to the weighmaster.
  • At the end of the day’s fishing, the video footage and/or photographs must be brought to the weigh station for verification of official release points.
  • South Coast Saltwater Circuit scorecards should be turned in by no later than 18:00, unless a team is fighting a fish after lines out at 16:00.
  • Failure to turn in a scorecard will result in disqualification of that day’s catch.


  • All billfish tagged and released and intended to be scored must be reported via radio to competition headquarters along with the assigned team name, angler name, time, boat name and fish species.
  • If a competition boat is out of range, the catch must be relayed via radio or mobile phone as soon as possible.
  • Competition headquarters’ time will act as the official time for the start, catch, and end of fishing each day without exception. All teams are encouraged to synchronise their time with the official competition clock.
  • The official competition VHF channels are dual watch Channels 9 and 16.
  • All boats must have their radios on and must ensure they are fully operational.

Angling & Tackle Rules

  • IGFA angling and tackle rules apply for this competition and are available for viewing on the website. (See SCORING)
  • It is the responsibility of each team and crew member to know, understand and abide by IGFA and competition rules during this competition.
  • Any angler who intentionally breaks these rules are subject to expulsion and disqualification, upon a determination by the competition committee, from this and future competitions without a refund of any registration fees.
  • IGFA equipment and angling rules apply with one exception: crew or any other non-registered anglers are not permitted to pitch baits or drop back baits to fish
  • If the provided captain or crew breaks any IGFA rules, please notify a member of the competition committee.
  • Captains and crew are allowed to use teaser reels and hookless baits and hookless lures for bait and are permitted to switch the method of fishing.
  • Teams are responsible for ensuring that IGFA and competition rules are followed.
  • Teams are encouraged to check tackle, leaders, hook arrangements and line prior to the start of fishing.
  • Charter Boats are required to have rods, reels and tackle on board.
  • Anglers are permitted to bring their own rods and reels and fishing gear, but the equipment must conform to IGFA rules and regulations.
  • Only fish caught on rod and reel will qualify.
  • Teams are allowed to handle their own fish catches or releases.
  • Each team must complete a South Coast Saltwater Circuit scorecard, which is supplied in the angler welcome bag at registration.
  • The scorecard for the day must be completed and turned in at the end of each fishing day.
  • No scorecard, no points!
  • Any angler must furnish, upon request, the lure, leader, line, hook, rod, reel, and terminal tackle with which the fish was caught.
  • The Competition Committee have the right to investigate and act upon any incident occurring during the competition.
  • The Competition Committee shall have the right to disqualify any capture following examination.
  • Refusal to allow the committee to examine any tackle, line and/or leaders will result in immediate disqualification of the day.
  • The competition committee reserves the right and privilege of changing the rules and starting and finishing times for any reason it deems necessary.
  • All decisions of the Competition Committee are final and non-appealable.

Fishing Boundary

  • North Boundary: S03°57’ 31.81”
  • South Boundary: S04°52’ 51.27”
  • East Boundary: E40° 20’ 00.53”


  • All fishing line will be allowed except for wire lines.
  • Maximum breaking strain shall be 80lbs
  • Wire leader is allowed in the competition.


  • The length of the leader is the overall length, including any lure or hook arrangement or other device, and is measured to the bend of the last hook.
  • The leader must be connected to the line to conform with IGFA rules and regulations.
  • Holding devices are prohibited.
  • Regulations regarding the material or strength of the leader must conform to IGFA rules and regulations.
  • In all line classes exceeding 20 pounds (10 kg), the leader shall be limited to 30 feet (9.14 meters).
  • The combined length of the double line and leader shall not exceed 40 feet (12.19 meters) total.


Maximum number of EIGHT (8) allowed in the water at any one time.


Unlimited in use or numbers.


All competition participants must use non-offset circle hooks for all species whenever natural bait is used.


  • Each boat will provide their own dead bait during competition time.
  • Live bait is allowed in the competition, however fishing for live bait MUST be done within the allotted time frame of the Competition Day.
  • Dead bait must be rigged with non-offset circle hooks only.
  • Circle hooks may not be offset.
  • Lures without natural bait may be rigged with conventional J-hooks.
  • Lures with a combination of natural bait and artificial skirts may be rigged with conventional J-hooks.
  • Fishing for bait prior to the start of fishing is prohibited.
  • No lines are permitted in the water prior to the start of fishing.

The Diani Sport Fishing Club committee reserves the right to:

  • All decisions of the Diani Sport Fishing Club committee are final and will not be open to an appeal.

Radio & Safety Equipment

  • Call-up will happen every hour on the hour commencing at 07:00.
  • Failure to answer three (3) consecutive call-ups will result in disqualification from the day.

Right of Admission & Sportsmanlike Conduct

The Diani Sport Fishing Club Committee reserves the right of admission to the competition. All participants are expected to always maintain a reasonable and sportsmanlike demeanour throughout the competition. Unsportsmanlike or threatening conduct towards a member of the competition committee or other participants, or any other behaviour which the competition committee deem inappropriate, in their sole discretion, will result in immediate disqualification of the entire team with no refund of entry fees or appeal.


  • Protests must be made in writing and lodged with the South Coast Saltwater Circuit competition committee within one hour of the reporting time to the Weigh-master accompanied by a deposit of Kshs 50,000.
  • All protests will be settled on the day of the incident.
  • The deposit will only be refunded if the protest is upheld.
  • The decision of the South Coast Saltwater Circuit competition committee shall be final.

Images & videos

The Diani Sport Fishing Club Committee reserves the right to use all images (Photographs and videos) taken and/or delivered by the anglers or any other participating team members for advertising purposes.


It’s the responsibility of the captain, crew and anglers to understand and abide by the competition’s rules, including any special instructions or changes that may be announced during the Registration and the Captain’s Meeting.

Tight Lines…

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