Preserve Your Memories

Your fish, your memories, your stories.

Having a trophy fish on the wall is a great way to commemorate a first, or a once-in-a-lifetime catch. Fish Mounts are hand-crafted using nothing but 100% man-made materials. Our taxidermist rarely uses the actual fish, unless it has died on the line.

To create your fish mount, all that we need from you is the species and the approximate size of the fish you caught and want mounted. Photographs (if available) can also be used to “enhance” your mount, using your pictures to match the fishes markings and coloration, we can really make your fish unique to you, and your mount looks as strikingly beautiful and colorful as your fish. 

Email us ( or call us (+254 115 733837) for further details! 


Immortalise your catch, the detail and artistry that goes into each and every one of our fish mounts is so good that some anglers can’t determine if our fish are fibreglass reproductions or real. Our “In House” taxidermist Nelson Yaa reproduces the top fishing trophies in East Africa and will keep the memories of your catch immortalised forever. These quality replicas are nothing short of perfect, with custom painted fibreglass fish replicas or fish reproductions being the core of our taxidermy artisan.


All our fibreglass fishing trophies are cast from specimens caught in the Indian Ocean. There is nothing spared with the attention to detail, from the fish eyes to. the scales and intricate markings, nothing is spared to achieve a lifelike look and enhance the excellence of your hard fought  trophy.


Achieving a fish mount of the highest quality involves many complex steps. Our taxidermist takes the extra step to assure your fish is carefully crafted and painted, positioned just how you want it to ensure when you mount in on the wall or in your office it stands out as it should. Nelson and his team have extensive experience in using the best acrylics, they blend special pearls, metallics, iridescence and translucence to bring your fish to life and make you smile and remember every time you look at it.

Nelson Yaa our resident Taxidermist

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