Diani Sport Fishing Club – Saltwater Fishing

Diani Sport Fishing Club is a great starting point for your big game fishing adventure, we fish predominantly along the pristine palm fringed, white sandy beaches of Diani Beach. Our year-round temperate climate allows for a myriad of pelagic game species and anglers fly from far and wide to fish for big game in Kenya and Diani offers some of the finest opportunities along the South Coast.

Diani sees twice yearly rains, and a change in wind direction, “kaskasi” North wind, usually between December and Mid to End of March. The “kuzi” South wind season is typically from April through until Mid-September, during this time, saltwater fishing is slow. Come July, however, almost all the species we mentioned come close to shore to feed. Black Marlin, Wahoo, Kingfish, GT and Yellowfins are all on the bite during this period. October through December is reserved for Sailfish, followed by Marlin season from January to March.

Diani’s area of the Indian Ocean is largely untouched by humans, and we have little competition from commercial fishing activities especially in its deeper regions and allowing fish species to flourish.

Kenya is one of the best deep sea fishing spots on the East African coastline and Diani Sport Fishing Club can offer an unforgettable experience that will keep you coming back for more, within a few miles offshore, you can expect to find exciting species such as Sailfish, Giant Trevally, Dorado, Kingfish, and Barracuda. Further offshore takes you into deeper water and the greater possibilities of Marlin, and Broadbill.

Further south along the coastline, we have the beginning to the Pemba Channel which holds great numbers of Marlin and Sailfish where the seabed drops away just a few miles from Diani, meaning that you won’t have to spend a lot of time searching for big, hungry predatory fish. Our waters can also rustle up some tasty Wahoo and Yellowfin.